Relaxation and meditation melodies, instrumental compositions, songs and spoken word

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A music album recorded with NASA SSR. in the style of ambient / fusion, it is a modern Opera with a space theme. The Central theme is strange, with an incredible degree of mysticism, radio emissions of space objects recorded by ground and space radio telescopes and translated into sound audible to the human ear. I tried to maintain my own compositions in the same style to create the most accurate and complete atmosphere of the entire album.



"Stratosphere" is probably my most mature music album in terms of its philosophy. A bit in common between music and song titles. Even fewer visual images. It's inside. Its meaning-you always need to keep moving, whatever the circumstances. Otherwise, simply not to escape in space.

TERRA (2016)

Music for us and nature of the earth and the cosmos...


Relaxation techniques: 4 Elements


Touch one of the four elements of nature, dressed in a soft veil of Ambient music. Feel close to each of the four fundamentals that make up our world. Four long compositions represent water, wind (air), fire and stone. Easy, atmospheric sound, nature sounds and soft low frequencies of the Earth - the basis of the album of relaxation and meditation techniques.



Spa album "Quietude" is a secluded island with a rich flora and fauna. Here dense thickets, cool streams, sunny beaches, gentle birdsong and the breeze from the ocean ... The compositions of this album will help you relax and feel the harmony within yourself.

Mystical Spirit


Mystical spirit. It reflects the feelings of people in the most difficult and challenging times. Times of confusion and despair. His music is very sad. But this is only a first impression. Within each song, as inside every man lives the same mysterious spirit, who in the most difficult moment presents itself. 

Amazing Time


Atmospheric ambient with elements of new age music. 
The merger of sadness and joy throughout the album...
Samples by © Bluezone Corporation

One Day


The Album "One day" is the first full length album in the works of Vasily Boykov. He recorded it in 2012 on the label "Live Studio". It was released in December. The meaning of the album - show music and sounds for a time in the format of a single day.




Spoken word:

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