Time for SPA and meditation. Time for yourself.

Let You no distractions...

I. Relaxation techniques: Cardinal direction


Here is the collection of musical compositions, specially selected for You. Pick the side of the World, turn on and enjoy!

Relaxation techniques: Cardinal Direction. The collection includes works from the album One Day (2012), Amazing time (2013-2014), Mystical Spirit (2014) and Quietude (2014), and also includes a few singles. The collection of musical compositions selected in sound and motivated and related to a particular side of the world: north, east, south and west. For example by the north, you dive into the cool, mysterious and lonely atmosphere. Choosing the east, you are transported into the world of dawn, hope, outlines the eastern beauty and fragrance of sandalwood. South - in a world of warm winds and warm ocean noise. West - the charm of sunsets, expectations evenings and mild atmosphere of freedom.





II. Relaxation techniques: 4 Elements


Touch one of the four elements of nature, dressed in a soft veil of Ambient music. Feel close to each of the four fundamentals that make up our world. Four long compositions represent water, wind (air), fire and stone. Easy, atmospheric sound, nature sounds and soft low frequencies of the Earth - the basis of the album of relaxation and meditation techniques.


III. Relaxation techniques: Ambient natur music for Spa

                                   (in 2018)

"Imagine the bright sunlight newly risen sun, dissolving the white veil of morning mist. Punching its rays touch the trees, make sparkle the dew drops, refraction of light which produces small iridescent crown. The air is filled with extraordinary freshness and coolness. Awakened wind gently playing with leaves, he says in a whisper. At the same time, the space is filled with thousands of sounds of life that mark the beginning of a new day. One of the infinite number of times, you will be given the chance to hear the music of nature. Stop, see, listen ... "

Project Ambient nature music for Spa - a musical project of the composer Vasily Boykov, works in the style ambient/new age/downtempo/nature music, to create an album, a collection of atmospheric natural sounds and compositions, a certain musical archives of nature, in harmony with human talent as an artist and musician, able to depict the beauty of the music.
- To the question "When will release?" I will say one thing - while I'm so far away their creativity has not planned. We'll have to travel a lot, burn a huge amount of material, all of this Contact as process. The picture in my head already painted, but the paint brush and not bought.

Yours faithfully, Vasily Boykov